Rules and Regulations

Every rider may only walk or ride a human-powered vehicle to complete the course.
Every rider shall ride carefully and with due regard to the safety of other cyclists and other road users.
Every rider shall wear a bicycle helmet with the strap securely fastened under his/her chin.
Every rider shall immediately comply with the instructions of a Sunshine Events marshal and/or a traffic officer.
Every rider shall provide information requested by any Sunshine Events marshal immediately.
Every rider shall keep as far to the left of the road surface as is safe having regard to the circumstances and conditions.
Every rider shall at all times display his/her race number legibly and ensure it is attached to the front of his/her bicycle.
Every rider shall identify him/herself and give his/her address on request to a Sunshine Events marshal and to any other rider requesting such information after a collision or race incident.
A rider shall not ride a bicycle fitted with triathlon, time trial or “Spinachi”-type bars and the organisers reserve the right to disallow the use of certain types of bladed wheels that are considered unsafe.
Every rider shall ride the full Sunshine Events Race course or retire. If a rider does not complete the full Sunshine Events course he or she shall report to the timing official’s that they did not complete the course and should not pass the finish line.
Riders are required to complete the Race course within 4 (four) hours to be awarded a result and finishing time unless the race organisers determine otherwise. This time is calculated from the time the rider’s group crosses the start line. For riders’ safety a cut-off point at each water point have been established along the route and are available at registration & under race information.
If riders reach a cut-off point at the specified time, they will not be permitted to continue on the route and the rider and his/her bicycle will be removed from the course and transported back to the finish line. Sunshine Events have been granted rights to utilise the course road space for the duration of the event by the Land Owners and riders are not to make use of the routes prior to or after the event without prior consent of owners.
A rider may not use a personal music system, e.g. iPod, or a radio communication device, including a cellular phone, whilst riding.
A rider must participate with a race number and shall not ride with another rider’s number.
A person who has entered shall not give his/her number to another person to use.
A rider shall not use foul or offensive language or make offensive, indecent or inappropriate gestures.
A rider shall wear clothing appropriate for a family event at all times.
A rider shall not dispose of any litter along the course except in refuse bins.
A rider shall not smoke on the route during the Race, except at a designated smoking area where provided.
A rider may not start or attempt to start before his/her designated start group. Any rider who does so may be disqualified.
A rider shall complete Race with his/her own effort and shall not receive any assistance in this regard other than drafting behind another rider or riders participating in the Race. Towing is only allowed in the case of special entries for disabled riders.
A rider shall not ride in reverse direction on the route, even after finishing.
A rider shall not ride the Race course a second time after finishing unless he/she has obtained the permission of the organiser and complied with all requirements for such permission.
A rider shall provide reasonable assistance to any other rider involved in an accident while participating in the Race.
A rider shall be responsible to other riders for the proper control of his/her bicycle.
Elite, Ladies and veteran group riders shall in addition comply with all applicable UCI rules and regulations which can be found at
A rider may not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication that prevents or might prevent a rider from properly controlling his/her bicycle.
Elite, Ladies and Veteran group riders may not use performance enhancing drugs. A rider, other than a licensed rider, is not subject to anti-doping testing, except that any rider may be tested for alcohol or drugs after an accident.
A rider shall not display on his/her bicycle, clothing and cycling equipment any writing, logo or item that is offensive or that may bring Sunshine Events into disrepute, as determined by the race organisers.
A rider who is informed by a Sunshine Events marshal that his/her conduct may lead to him/her being disqualified shall immediately slow down and cease to ride the course.
Any reasonable medical or emergency evacuation costs incurred on behalf of a rider by Sunshine Events will be for the cost of the rider.